New York State's Largest Antique Mall  
 30,000+ square feet ● 1,000+ dealers 
  1 million+ items 

It all began…

In 1982 Bill Guche and Peter Kolokouris partnered to buy a neighborhood plaza in Farmington, NY. The building had 31,000 square feet and spaces for 15 stores. Unfortunately, the plaza was 70% empty. They were diligent in filling the space. It was a difficult task. The partners decided to fill the space by creating businesses. The first was a Flea Market that was only open on weekends. It eventually expanded to a 7 days a week concept and continued successfully for several years. In December of the first year Bill opened an antique shop storefront with only 12 dealers. Within a month he outgrew the space and moved the Antique Shop to a new space that housed 40 dealers. As adjacent space became available the Antique Shop expanded until it occupied half of the plaza. When the Flea Market left Ellen Englebrecht took over that space as the Antique Emporium. Suddenly, the plaza was a destination for antiques. After a few years the Antique Emporium built its own site next to the plaza. The Antique Shop took over her space – now occupying 100% of the plaza – and changed its name to Ontario Mall Antiques. Bill improved floor designs and antique dealer displays and he initiated successful staff training and promotional events. Bill was guided by his firm belief in and commitment to customer service, clean facilities and product value. And Ontario Mall Antiques flourished. Bill was proud to see those concepts and traditions being carried on by his son Matthew Guche, who has taken over the businesses since 2012. Bill could not and would not stand still so on January 2, 2016 he opened our second mall in the town of Irondequoit – 17,000 square feet of more antiques and collectibles that you love! Hundreds of more cases, open booths and dealers with hundreds of more opportunities to find furniture, gifts, décor & more.