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About Matt

It all began in the 70s in Fairport, New York almost two scores ago, when my brother and I collected sports cards (mostly baseball and football) and traded with our friends. We placed the cards carefully in plastic pouches (putting the cards in the spokes of a bicycle wheel was a major taboo) to maintain their condition. During this time I had an operation and had to stay overnight in the hospital. I brought my sports cards with me in shoeboxes and kept them on the bed with me at all times. I remember waking up in the wee hours of the morning to find my cards on the floor. The nurse saw me getting up to retrieve them and yelled to get back in bed. I plotted then and there to stay up until she left to rescue my valuable cards, even risking additional painful needle shots as retaliation! As my brother and I got older we eventually lost interest in our collections, and somewhere along the way the cards were misplaced in my parents’ basement, or in my brother’s house, or maybe they evaporated into thin air.
One score ago:
I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in Accounting and then from SUNY Buffalo with an MBA in Finance and Marketing. During interviews on campus I swore up and down that I would never work in New York City. However, I only received one offer and it was for a job in New York City…so I packed my bags! And I ended up loving the Big Apple.

Mid 2000s:
My Dad, Bill Guche, creator of the largest and greatest antique mall in New York State, approached his kids about taking over the business in a matter of years. No one bit. I began my career as an auditor at Berdon LP for four years and ended at UBS in 2012 as the Americas Controller in the Finance Department in the Investment Bank. At the time I was enjoying the tri-state life and was being promoted up the ranks at UBS. No way did I want to partake in antiques – old and boring I thought. I would never do it.

I was getting a little burned out at UBS and my Dad approached me again. I checked out this mall in Farmington – and all I could say was, “wow”. Soo many items to choose from! Where was I when I purchased furniture for my little condo in Stamford? Obviously not here where I could have bought real wood furniture that would last much longer than particle board – and for less money! And, oh those sports card collections! We packed our bags and returned to my hometown – and I love it!

We opened our second mall in the town of Irondequoit on January 2, 2016 – 17,000 square feet of more antiques and collectibles that you love! Hundreds of more cases, open booths and dealers with hundreds of more opportunities to find furniture, gifts, décor & more.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2018 – new website, new logo, new look (inside and outside) but same great dealers, same fantastic merchandise such as furniture, gifts, décor & more and same friendly service from our malls. The torch has been handed down to me. I will continuously think of new ideas to improve our malls to keep our malls the best they can be for our customers, our dealers and our staff. Thanks For Reading, Matt Guche, Ontario Mall Antiques, Owner